On my weekend.i went on a bike to ride down to my cusens house.we played a lot.winn it got and my casens had to go to church.we stopet to look at the hourses one of them ran strat up to me.I gave a hay.he trade to git some thing out of my pocket and I Sade wut are you doing hourse and that it.






On my and my family staid Ina hotel NAND Eva sweets.


I like Mudras beatifal doters. because it has a snake. I like it becaus there's a movie. I have a snake at home just like that.i like because she didn't lose any thing.


I foud a island it is easy becaus it's by its self


On my weekend I had extra fun on Saturday I got to take a little dog around the naber was fun. On Sunday I went skateboarden with my was asam. On Tuesday I have baseball and I bet that I'm the tallest on my team if I'm right pay up ha ha ha I'm just ciden I'll see you next time I'm your host Ryan it Victorias birthday.