On Friday.i got 35 dollars.me and my mom went to the store I bot a big nerf gun. and I went home. then I was up all night long and it was a tank.


On my weekend. I went to my systers dance restal. I had a great time. We stade in a realy nice hotal. they even have a swimming pool and a gem.


Today We skype with Marcie and David. They live on a boat.rite now they are in Australia.in The frist pitcer is wen they we're be side a big huge crow ship the ity bity boat is them.in the next pictuor thos dolfins just wanted to say hy.They went throw 6 continits


On my weekend.i had a baseball game.we playd agentst the marlin's. it was really fun. becaus we won.after we got back I played with my frend.THE NEXT DAY.i rode my frind gocort.THE END.




On my weekend.i went to the the beach.wene we were we driveing we rode by a big crab it name was tommy.wenn we got to the house we pot awere badeing suit on and we went to the beach.owwwww this waters cold. it so cold Winn I got out a was a popcical


At the spealical alepicas I had casy as a portner and Ihad a hard time cepin up with casy but I got throw it.wenn we were wating for it to star we sow some dog. my favorite was te-ball


We did bareder to day in our class.berder ing is we're you trade some one for of yours things.like I traded stinkey feet for a hole bag.


On Friday I asks my mom to play with my friend and than I play for a will. The next day I got ready to sleep over at my grandpal and papas house. A fou arus past.I had a baseball game and I got two home run the next day if went to Riley party.